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Just developed a USB to protools issue.


I haven't recorded using the USB since the newest firmware and for some reason when I open up my protools session I setup before for USB. It tells me my audio device wont record 48 and then tells me it doesn't support any buffer sizes. I have never changed a thing in the protools session since I last opened it and now nothing works with the AXEFX USB. I'm running protools 9 on a maxed out iMac I7 which worked perfectly the last time I uses it through USB. Any ideas?


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Sorry to say, but join the club buddy... I have the same issue. So far the best workaround I've developed is to delete and recreate your Axe-FX II aggregate device. It has worked every time for me. A bit of a PITA, but at least it gets it working again.

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I'll give it a try. Is that something with the new firmware? It did work ok before but it don't remember what update that was. It was always a little buggy so I just gave up on USB recording.
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