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Is it possible to use 4CM and bypass the 'A' (preamp section)?


Using the 4-cable method, is there a way to send the input to come in after the (A) amp in the signal path?
What I'd like to do is have the input signal skip the preamp section of the amp and go straight to the FX8 output (which goes into the amp fx return).


Not sure what the point of this would be. Could you explain further?
In the past, I've been able to get a clean tone that I like simply by running guitar into Chorus/EQ/Reverb running direct to the power amp section.
The way the FX8 is laid out, it looks like it's impossible to pass the AMP in the signal chain.
I'd love to be able to have my high gain tone by having the signal run thru the amp but then use a scene where the amp is bypassed and the signal passes around it to go straight to the power section.


I'm confused if you bypass the preamp, and the fx8 does not have amp sims then how will you get a tone at all?


This would also be useful for someone who wanted to use 4cm with a specific pedal in the loop instead of the amp.

It's a cool idea and seems possible with software change but I don't think it's presently possible.

Is you amp not channel switching?

Does it clean up well with volume knob? If so, you could program a volume drop to to hit you preamp less for cleans and that could be footswitchable.

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