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Is it me? Does 6.03 suck? My live sounds are now terrible.


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What do you mean by terrible? Need a bit more info.

I've seen some users describing an issue where the Cab block high cut is lowered to 2k after the update, but I'm not sure if this is confirmed. Can you check if it is that on your side?


Sounds great to me, your declaration is a bit vague.

Need more details. Tell us more about your preset(s), setup, amp block, etc. Maybe even post your preset. That will perhaps help find a solution to the issue you are experiencing.


I have experienced a bad sounding Axe Fx III after an FW-update a couple of times lately. To me it seems like the "badness" hits different amps in different ways (i.e. some amps sound fine whereas others sound worse). Re-installing (even re-downloading and re-installing) the FW has cured the problem for me. "Just in case" I have also re-set the system parameters (just made a back up before re-setting/re-installing and then re-installed the system settings) but I do not know if that has been necessary. With FW 6.03 I am happier with my tone than ever.
I’ve had a strange experience with a kkkkkkkkkhhhhhhhh sounds , light as if I have too much fuZ or overdrive

But it happens only when I strum, it’s not audible when there is no signal to process and output

Does that make sense ?


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I am still on 6.02, but I did notice that my presets didn't sound as good after updating from 5.xx, but I recreated the presets and now they sound even better then before. Never did figure out why but I suspect it had to do with the power amp modelling change. Could have been the cab block.


No probs here. No idea what you are talking about in this case... but firmware changes are changes.
I never update if I don't have the time to deal with small surprises.


It's not unusual for updates to require some redialing, but I think that's less common with minor version updates. What version were you on before 6.03? That might help pinpoint what changed.


I used it Sunday night at a live gig and it was outstanding with 6.03. I noticed no changes on my presets at all.


As an additional tip, make sure that global Power Amp modeling is not disabled and that Cab Modeling is enabled (assuming you use FRFR).

There have historically been cases where these sometimes get disabled during an update.


My experience (see post #5) is that all parameters seemed to be fine including Power Amp and Cab Modeling. I'm using some global blocks but no global Cabs, but some amps just sounded bad or weird in lack of a more precise term. I have to Amps in parallel where one is active and one is bypassed in most of my Presets and my first thought was that the bypass state was changed from "Mute" to "Through" but again; nothing had changed except from a degradation in sound, more on some amps than others. However after a re-install of the FW my beloved Axe Fx III sounded better than ever.
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