IRs Introducing the OwnHammer (r)Evolution Impulse Response Series!

Third-party impulse response pack
Excellent, thank you! It's like Xmas in March. Not to say that there aren't many other excellent mixes to use. It's just that Scott's magic formula always gets it done. Thanks!

I've been loading a few of the mixes, typically the Fat (similar to the old OH1F), Forward 2 or 3 (similar to OH1), Full (similar to SP2), and Rip (160 and 57 mix). I may end up finding a couple other mixes to add in, something a little brighter/more scooped possibly. I liked the Grit mix when I was tinkering. The number of mixes is kind of overwhelming so maybe I just need to sit down with them someday.
I'm really loving this Rev series! The best products you've put out to date, easily. Any further cabs in the pipeline for future release? I'd love to see this collection expanded. I've already got the 112-Rect cab that was added.
Just picked up the M75-GNR pack for my new FM3. Awesome. So many different flavours of great just in the mixes folder alone.
Some confusion here. The GNR means 'Greatly Neutral Response'. I assume that it was a Guns 'N Roses pack.

It was, sort of. It was the cab that one of the guitarists used on the Chinese Democracy album. I think he added the Greatly Neutral Response thing afterwards to avoid being sued or something.

“This exact cabinet and speaker combination (as well as the other companion speakers used in this specific grouping) were used for the rhythm guitars on the most expensive album ever produced, "Chinese Democracy" by the band Guns N' Roses. This specific enclosure was selected from an entire trailer full of speaker cabinets auditioned from other studios and rental facilities, and due to the nature of how many years that record took to make, was purchased outright by the band and made into a permanent fixture for those sessions until completion. After the fact, the cabinet was sold by a band member to later make its way into the OwnHammer inventory”

Regardless, is just a great cab for Marshall style amps.
I just picked up the 4x12 MRBW Evolution. I haven't gone through it all yet, but there are more useful mixes in there than in any other pack I've tried. I definitely be picking up some others.
So help me out here.

I have been using the mono files. I've set the Axe cab block to stereo, and I have loaded an "L" file into cab 1 and an "R" file into cab 2. I have the cabs panned full right and left.

Comparing this to just an "L" file with the block set to mono and panned center, I think I hear a difference, but I'm not sure. In stereo, when I look at the align tab, the "L" and "R" response are aligned and appear identical.

Am I doing this right?
Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well and staying safe!

The AMPG bass pack has been out for a while but I've finally made a walkthrough/overview video to demonstrate the feature set with some sound examples etc. Here you go:

I just picked up the new cab pack, I used to really like the JS-3 IRs in the old packs, are you able to tell me which files might be close in the new packs?
I just have to add that GNR 412 is absolutely amazing!! I’m using it with a HBE amp, and I’ve tried it on a couple different amps, and it seems like it’s one cab worth of IRs that if you could only have one pack this would be it. A good cab like this can do pretty much any style
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