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Input trim / Global amp gain


Use your ears! If you feel that an amp model you like dosen't have enough gain, even with the drive way up and the boost function engage, raise the input trim till it's enough for you.


Yeah, but I would like to convert the values. Maybe a similar scaling would be better? Don't know... Interestingly I feel I get a better high gain tone on most of the amps if i "lower" the input trim radically.


You know what? If it sounds good, then it is good! There is no rule bro! On this unit, the sky is the limit and possibilities are endless. So keep experimenting and when you find a combination that works for you and sounds good on your system, then enjoy my friend!!


Fractal Fanatic
I don't think you can have a similar scale. Amp gain/drive is totally diiferent than the input trim. The drive/gain is inside the amp and input is hard you hit the input. IMO in a hi gain amp I would want to not hit the input to hard because it will produce a flub that is very hard to dial out because you're over loading the input. In other amp types hitting the input hard affects the amp in what some think is a more pleasing way. If it sounds good to you rock on!

I find that with the little black box we over analyze every aspect and sometimes things work opposite of how we think it should. In the end the tone is the goal and our desire for a certain recipe should never over shadow the tone.


Fractal Audio Systems
They are basically the same thing. The global amp gain has a smaller range as it's designed to be for fine-tuning between guitars whereas the local trim allows you to radically alter the response of the model.

The local trim is equivalent to -20 to +20 dB.


Fractal Fanatic
I find the global gain changes things very little while the local input does a LOT. Which I think is basically what Cliff just said.
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