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I'm goin FRFR. Need a little speaker advice.


New here
I mainly need a speaker for high gain sounds. I'm leaning a little towards the Atomic actives but the K12 and Verve stuff has me a little curious too. I like alot of bottom end and I need something that can move alot of air. I play 6 and 7 string guitars.


I'm going camping in a field with friends for my birthday, but would like some sort of sound system for playing music from iPods/mobiles.BUT i don't want any of those crappy, tinny little speakers. I need this music to be loud, and with lots of bass. One of my friends has recommended getting a subwoofer as well.


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Regarding OP: If you need volume and bottom end, a single Atomic won't suffice, you need two.
That makes the Verve and K12 attractive pricewise.


I've been using the QSC K12 for about 6 weeks now. It has loads of bottom end. I had to turn the bass way down & crank the low cuts on most of my presets b/c it has so much bottom end. It is really loud also. I've used it 4 or 5 times live & have a much easier time hearing myself than I ever did using a 4X12 cab.
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