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  • Hello, I was at the Newcastle guitar show the other day and exchanged a couple of messages with Matt, who mentioned you were Lightningboy on the forum. Anyway just a quick message to convey thanks for spending the time and the conversation at the show, was great to meet you guys.
    All the best,
    How's it going? I've been thinking more about mixing speakers to mellow out the Beymers in a 2x12 - a really good idea, but got to choose the right second speaker.

    Maybe Zizzi would make a 2x12 with a speaker front plate slanted backwards underneath the cloth which should help with direction (the two speakers needing to be pointed in the same direction in order to get the mellowing effect). I liked the 2x12 pic you posted (I think a while ago) of a mate's 2x12 which looked like a Marshall head. Great idea - one to audience one to player, but probably missing the point if they're different speakers...

    All best, Hugh
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