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How many users are using the Axe III as an Audio Interface?


I do if recording only guitar.

Unfortunately I have not found it capable of the low latency I need for midi controller work with software synths.
That's not a problem, wasn't my goal with the Axe FX III anyway.

The interface I'm using for softsynth work and any vocals is an old Roland V-Studio 100. It does something horrible to the upper mids, always has, and is missing some low end compared to the Axe FX - but the low latency I can get with it has yet to be beat by anything else I've tried.

When I watch a movie, or when I mix and don't care about latency, now I monitor through the Axe. It's hilarious how much better it sounds.


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I use it all the time, unless I've got the Apollo then I run AFX3 SPIDIF out into the Apollo DA converters, it is the sound of MONEY


Using it with Reaper in Win 10.
Noticing when tracking, the recording is slightly off in time for the overdubs.
I read somewhere here that you need to make an adjustment in your DAW to compensate.
Anyone knows what this is about?
I remember Leon doing a video which mentioned something about this. I think it is general latency with any kind of reamping, not just with the AXE III.

In reaper you can right click the dub track and select nudge or something and then shift the track in ms increments to make it line up.


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I use the Axe-FX for recording guitars, so I can easily record both dry and wet tracks through the USB. I also use it for mixdown, monitoring, and as the main PC audio interface

I only use the Motu UltraLike mk3 when I have to record from a microphone
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