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High gain Flanging-Phasing noise. It's normal?


New here
Greetings to all.

I have owned an ax xl + for about a month.
I ask the community for help:

in the (very) high gain presets, all, there is this type of flanger or phasing noise, only on the front input with the volume of the guitar open.

With the guitar in the rear input, even raising the gain, This noise is not felt (but the rear input is a bit more tiny and noisy with volume closed).

I tried different guitars with the same result.

in the attached file I raised the gain a little more to highlight the noise.
Is it normal?

Thanks in advance for your time.


this is a link to hear the noise:




I'm not anywhere near my Axe FX at the moment to take a look at the preset but when you collapse a stereo signal to mono you can introduce phasing and comb effects. I'm not sure that this would be felt/heard just high gain presets but if you start introducing intermodulation distortion then this may be a contributing factor.

Either way it's not something I have ever encountered myself so somebody else will probably point you in the right direction.


Fractal Fanatic
Every once in a while I'll get a preset that generates a bunch of noise. I end up transferring the blocks to a blank preset and it goes away. There may be an easier way to purge but I'm not aware of it. My suggestion, just take your amp and cab blocks and paste them to a blank preset and see if the noise is gone. Maybe just check that it's only one preset as a first test.


Perhaps try changing the Input Mode to Left Only in the I/O settings. Not L/R Sum or Stereo.

Also, if you are listening to your Axe FX through a mono speaker, make sure the Output Mode is Copy Left > Right.


New here
First of all, thank you for the support.

The input is set to left only (tried the others, it seems less noisy only for the lower input level),

I'm listening the axe via stereo studio monitor (tried without a mixer, tried mono, it sounds the same noise).

the noise appears indeed in all my presets with drive and amp block - those with very high gain - it seems to me to be something in the background always present in all the high gain presets.. disabled the gate ..

Can i upload a mp3 with the noise? (i'm new to the forum and not allowed to post urls)


New here
Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

I thought that, hearing like two noises with a very short delay, there was something anomalous.

Then, I understand that the "type" of noise I feel is normal.

Best regards

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