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Here's a tone match nobody thought of yet. :)


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That's something I would love to see the patch on!

EDIT: Patch downloaded, thanks!
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It's that standard Axe viola patch floating around. I matched it to a youtube of a guy playing solo viola. Ta da. :)

Scott Peterson

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Did you post this on TGP yet? If not, please do. If so, thank you.

The black box doesn't need 'digital alchemy' because it sure does have a lot of magic tricks.... ;) :D


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Unbelievable! Tonight I'm gonna try with some acoustic tracks: waiting for JTV-59 it's time to try some piezo electric.

NY Guitarist

Made my day! I had been thinking of sounds to match in order to create new unique sounds, in addition to "just" matching existing amps.

IMO Tone Match lets you go way beyond traditional amps!


Zent, two questions. The first question - is the first part of the clip an actual Viola? Or is this your old Viola patch?
Secondly, the second part of your clip sounds much brighter in the high end, but the synthy stuff is coming through just a bit. Still sounds need.
Second question - I am testing this preset in my II and the OUTPUT are exploding and it's completely distorted and muffled. When I check the cab block it looks empty or maybe like it's looking for an IR that does not exist on my system? Any ideas? Does that mean I need a special IR in conjunction with your patch AND the tone match block to get this happening? Please let me know!


The fun begins. I have no interest in matching studio recordings of others guys sound. But THIS.... These are the tools of our own new sounds.

As a real hero recently stated... "Let's Roll". This magic black box has spread it's wings.

I love this tone and it is only the beginning.

Explore guys - let's keep going in this direction.
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