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George Lynch/DOKKEN Plexi tone (Back For The Attack era-1987) - (w/ PATCH)



As you may know I'm a big George Lynch fan :) besides his playing I've always loved his tone, especially on Dokken's Under Lock and Key and Back for the Attack albums..classic hot rodded plexi, a very "unforgiving", percussive and organic sound that cleans up nicely when you roll down the volume knob. Talking about Back for the Attack, George used two 1968 Marshall plexi heads and a 100-watt Marshall Super Tremolo that were modified by Lee Jackson of Metaltronix, fitting them with 6550 power tube sections..he also boosted the signal with either an Ibanez Tube Screamer or a Boss GE-7.. well I'm no Lynch, but I think I got pretty close using the 50watt Plexi high in the Axe, no OD in front, and Plate reverb..let me know what you think, guitar is a Chapman ML1-BEA (alder body-seymour duncan custom/'59-floyd rose trem)..keep in mind I'm still on fw10.02 so the patch will most likely sound different if you are on fw11!

DOWNLOAD PATCH HERE: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Lynch Plexi - by RoccoPezzin

Dale shouse

New Member
I am a huge Lynch fan wether it's Don Dokken or Lynch Mob.

Your work on that tone is much appreciated let me say! The telling is the ability to roll down the volume and get the clean tones that capture the true essence of that sound and you nail it in my opinion.

Nice playing as well. As stated above your precise licks mark you accuracy that any player can respect.

Rock on Rocco!!
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