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George Lynch/DOKKEN Plexi tone (Back For The Attack era-1987) - (w/ PATCH)


Suhweeeeeeeeeeeet. I've always admired Lynch's approach to phrasing and tone. His vibrato is absolutely amazing. Your playing is stellar on this and the tone is spot on. Love it! Thanks!!!


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Lynch got his Axe-II from Tone Merchants & Mark Day visited him at his home studio & dialed it in for him....


This sounds great! A proper usable rock metal tone that cleans up nicely. I've been trying to do this myself with the Soldano Rhythm and going for a Nuno Pornograffitti type tone, but this George Lynch tone is sounding better.


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Great stuff! I'm a huge lynch fan as well and love the Back for the Attack album....great job. Have to give it a try


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Awesome stuff! To me, Lynch's transients and pick attack was so unique back then. Really biting! I can't see the preset at the moment, but did you increase under dynamics, the pick attack for this tone?


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Plus: I love your tone on the youtube video of you playing "The Hunter" LOVE to get that patch in my axe!!


Plus: I love your tone on the youtube video of you playing "The Hunter" LOVE to get that patch in my axe!!

hey thanks a lot dude! :) I did increase the pick attack, but just a tiny bit! the key is to find amps that have naturally that sorta attack and pop on the high notes...to me the best in the axe for this purpose are the 50watt plexi, 1987x treble, friedman be/hbe and camerons!

EDIT: oh and by the way, you can download the patch I used on the hunter vid here http://forum.fractalaudio.com/axe-f...-f-u-cover-w-kramer-baretta-1985-reissue.html just add some ping-pong delay and you're ready to go ;) I think that's still with fw7 though..as soon as AE 3 will come out I'll upgrade to fw11 and repost the patch tweaked!
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I'm a big George Lynch fan too! His best tone in my opinion was on the Back for the attack album. Plexi 50 high is perfect for that tone! Friedman Be can get you there too! Try those with the new Ownhammer modern mix with Scumback H75 on T2 vintage live and you won't believe it! I don't like George's tone nowadays as he seems to drown his sounds into phaser all the time thus sucking out his amp's dry tone.
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