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FW 11 Jumpered Plexi Video - VH's I'm The One


OP, amazing playing. Really sucks this technology had to come out when I am 44. I can't play nearly that fast anymore but used to play alot of EVH when I was younger. Of course Eddy had the help of *stimulants* lol.


great playing adam! i would like to see that present in the axechange. sometimes its good to see other peoples ideas in the axe.


Adam, you suck! Thanks for the reminder of how badly I suck! Excellent playing and tone. Jebus, that's sounds spot on. Where's the Basset hound? Unimpressed again?


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The wife was making dinner so Henry the basset hound was upstairs enjoying good sniffs! I will make sure he shows up next time.

And yes, the 1960 TV 4x12 cab is in pack 2. It is a great cab!


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Impressive job, sounded awesome !! Impressive guitar skills as well :)

I really appreciate the explanation on what shaped your tone (except from your hands that is)
thanks for sharing this


I uploaded this patch to Axe-Change tonight:
Axe-Change - Download Preset - I`m The 1 - by AdamCook
I never got around to trying out this patch until last night. I had forgotten about it until I was browsing Axe Change and noticed it again, and I thought it wouldn't hurt to load it up and give it a try.

Tried to import via AE 3.01 (FW11.03) and my AF2 immediately rebooted. Thought it was a glitch so powercycled everything and tried to import again... nope. Unit immediately rebooted again. No freeze, no bit crush or strange sounds, just crash and reboot. I did not attempt to send to the Axe via Fractal Bot after this happened.

Is this expected since it was created on an earlier version of 11 or the beta? I've never had a patch import trigger a reboot. Plenty of other strange things have happened when auditioning patches, but never a reboot.

Just thought I'd share.


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I exported this from the release version of FW 11.0 using FractalBot.

The patch uses User Cabs in slots 1 and 2. So perhaps you have a corrupted user cab in one of those 2 slots? Do other presets work fine if User Cab 1 or 2 is selected?

Try using FractalBot to load some other cabs into those locations.


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Adam if you personally tried this patch in this new FW11.03, would you have to make adjustments for tonal changes or would it sound the same as 11.0? Have you tried it?
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