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Fuzz, Vibe, Marshall, Greenback, Strat.... GO!


If I never hear another guitar tone I wont feel bad. OK I'm getting a bit dramatic now lol, but it sounds amazing.

Do they still make acid? I want some.

Ant Music

Power User
Insane tone!!!!!! Fuck me dead. The Axe FX has indeed come leaps and bounds which you have managed to demonstrate so perfectly. Well done mate, well done.


Great job!!! Great playing. Hendrix lives. I think we are all so fortunate to have the Axe FX2 to play with and the forum to talk to other muso's and share stuff. I shake my head in utter amazement how blessed we are that Cliff Chase developed this piece of gear that gives us so much fun to play through. Wow


Awesome tone. Plus you are spot-on the beat all they way through. From my POV that makes over half of the experience.
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