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Anand Mahangoe

Hi All !
Been working on a song to demonstrate my main preset - template , based on the Plexi 50 6550 Amp + ML PR55 Cab (not included).
All sounds are from 1 Plexi channel , all the rest done with the Volume + Tone knobs on my Fender Strat Custom Shop made by Todd Krause !
Cleans are a different line , usually switching between Clean - Dirty with my Volume pedal linked to both the Volume Blocks...gives a great fade in / out.
For the purpose of the preset here , I just put all the sounds on different Scenes.....I use these preset / template both for live & studio purposes....always sounding great :)

If you don't have the ML Brit PR55 Cab SM57 + R121 01 mix , replace it with your favourite Marshall IR and adjust the amp to taste....;)

Check out the musicians :
Koen Herfst - Drums ( Vandenberg , Armin van Buuren )
Johan van Stratum - Bass ( Stream of Passion , Vuur , Ayreon )

Hope you'll like it.......and thanks to all at FAS and the Community here.....have learnt tons of things...!
Preset is following ASAP ;)



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Anand Mahangoe

"Preset has been fixed " :)

If you have any questions about the preset , let me know....this works for me and might not work for others of course.....BUT the Plexi 50 style amp + ML PR55 / 75 cab together gives amazing Marshall tones for both Strat and Gibson style guitars......I have compared it many many many times with the Marshall videos of Pete Thorn and one from Tim Pierce ( his 10-20 best amps)...and the AXE Marshall is right up there.....!

I often also use a third line where I have another Amp + Cab with some AC20 style amps for Clean -> break up sounds the way Tim Pierce does it : Max the master volume of the Amp and then back down the Gain till you reach that break up sound.....anyhow, I dig this gear we have :)
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