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Fractal mugs?

Fabio KTG

Fractal Fanatic
May I say that only the seasoned drinkers of England have any credible opinions, when it comes to drinking tea.

Whittards in Royal Doulton if you don't mind. "I can't bare to drink my tea like the great unwashed" (In my best snooty voice).


I’m in South Carolina. Our idea of cultured drinking is Bud Light from a styrofoam ice chest. I’ll take a Fractal beer coozie please.


Awesome. Yep. Revived it good. With all the insane technical and playing talent on this forum, I figured it needed one guy serious about drinkware and merchandising! Also, this mug thing could be some kind of conspiracy, so I need some witnesses in case I disappear.



After watching many videos of the amazing guitar players on this forum, and knowing I'll never be as good, I realize it's not a coffee mug I need but a shot glass to drown my sorrows.

The down side is that seeing the Fractal logo with each shot would serve as a cruel reminder of what a lousy guitar player I am.

Don't care, buying a III anyway!
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