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Fractal-Bot 2.11.1


Hey, I have just the issue since it times out everytime when I use Fractal-Bot 2.11.x with my AX8 to receive a banks. It takes much longer than on 2.10.0 and just states "hey, timeout" at the end. Going back to 2.10.0 fixes the problem - is there anyone else just experiencing this?

(tried different USB cables on different ports, on 2.10.0 everything was fine, doesn't work on 2.11.1. Changed something on the communication routines?)


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Not directly, but if you have a Mac, you can use an app called Duet that makes your iPad a fully functioning additional touchscreen monitor for your Mac and you can run any app in that window, using Axe Edit in that way is extra fun...
Hey thanks Brad I was hoping there would be a way for me to use my iPad only because of the convenience of it.
My other computer is windows and it is difficult to set it up at this time because of Hurricane Michael last year. Our house is about to be demolished from the storm damage and we’re going to be living in our driveway for at least a year or so while we rebuild.
Hey maybe I should put it on the wish list...
Really do appreciate the information though I guess I could use a laptop that would probably work if it’s a Mac?...
Thanks for the information on the www.duetdisplay.com


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no you must use a PC or Mac.

duet is an app that extends your Mac's screen onto the iPad, so you'd need a computer anyway.
Thanks Chris I appreciate the information all of this New awesomeness and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.
I’ll get it with a little help from all of you in the fractal community Thanks.
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