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Michael Pickens
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  • hi, we had a excel sheet for axe fx 2 sysex messages, (delay block tempo/subdivisions) can we have also have 1 for the 3. it would come soooo handy for people owning controllers which can send sysex messages. for delay tempo divisions, hold functions, amp
    boost etc...

    Good day Mr. Pickens,
    I am in desperate need of help; I cant get my midi controller to work with my AxeFxIII. I have been searching high and low but I cant seem to find any information on how to properly make the two talk. I can tell you are extremely busy, but if you can at least point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.

    Thank you!
    Axe-Edit III 0.4.3. seems to crash at startup after trying to download the new version 0.5.11 and fails to download the new version.
    Hi Michael,
    Matt wrote me that maybe you might be able to help me, i tried already on the forum but got no answer.
    I have a liquid foot pro +. i would like to program some switches to change delay blocks tempo subdivision, for example from 1/4 to 1/8 via sysex messages.
    i found a chart for axe fx ultra but couldnt find for axe fx xl. Unfortunately i know nothing about checksums etc...
    Could you help with this?
    Michael Pickens
    Michael Pickens
    Hi Semih,

    Please contact support@fractalaudio.com and mention my name in the support ticket. I will make sure the support ticket is assigned to me. This way we can keep track of our communication in one thread and include attachments if needed. There are several tempo parameters in the delay block and each one will have a slightly different message.
    Dear Michael , The FCB is with the Eureka prom chip . Thanks
    Michael Pickens
    Michael Pickens
    Hi, Kevin. Please use either the forum for community help or email support@fractalaudio.com for individual help. Our forum members are a great source of information (many are using the devices you mention) and their answers help the Fractal community at large.
    Kevin Lamport
    Thanks Michael and will do. Cheers. Kevin
    Hello Sir , I have a Boss FV-300 L foot volume / expression pedal but it does not work with my Axe FXII . Any solution Please.Should I reverse the polarity of the foot pedal that is inverse the + and - polarity ?
    Also have a FCB1010 behringer pedal but cannot activate the scenes or preferred patches . Any advice please. Thanks . Kevin
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