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Fractal Audio AMP models: The Presets (Q7.02)


Do this work in
axe 2 fx XL + I am running Axe Edit version 3.14.3 and Firmware version Quantum 10.01


As an axefx2xl+ user getting very enthusiastic over Ares 1.02, I hope to get to download them soon then :D
I'm redownloading the amp guide right now, since I've used the last several periods playing on learning the drive blocks thanks to your guide ^^
Regards Yek, your help is priceless


We have covered all amps in the Guide to the Fractal Audio AMP models (PDF).
You can download a zipped file with presets, demonstrating the amp models and appropriate cabs.
These presets feature most of the AMP models in the series. I left out a few that I don't care for.
The presets are simple: AMP + CAB + Reverb + FXL.
I dialed them in, using a Telecaster and Les Paul.
Created on my XL, Quantum 7.02.
If you have an Axe-Fx II Mk I / II or AX8, use AlGrenadine's utility FracTool to load these presets.

  • If a number follows the model name in the title, there's more than 1 scene.
  • The non-capital notes in the title are for my own use; they indicate non-default settings, artist names and such.
  • The AMP models are dialed in using the original amp's controls only.
  • Stocks cabs only. Stereo mode. Low Cut 80Hz and High Cut 8kHz. Motor Drive set at 4. If you have a Mk I or II, you may need to substitute some of the cabs (just ask which).
  • Default room reverb (stereo out).
  • Mild noise gate.
  • The FXL block lets you feed a power amp and guitar cabinet from OUT 2.
Have fun!
I know that threat are older..Lol..Very older theres any chance got that download of amps to study the amps with that tips from you my friend.
Thanks a lot.
If theres no possibility no problem.
Thanks one more time. ;)
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