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Fractal Audio AMP models: The Presets (Q7.02)


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Hi..i am a new user here. I think you should use your stage amp/speakers and turn up to your normal live playing volume to hear them level out in terms of perceived Bass, Mid and Treble response before tweaking further to your own taste. If you use low volume you'll probably be thinking too much bass and mids and not enough treble - but that is normal.


Presets in OP have been updated.
Thanks, yek! These are really useful to quickly get a taste of whatever amp you're thinking about at the moment. There's tons of tedious work behind this. And we get it for free!
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Hi Yek, These are my fav. presets, they sound really good with my setup.
I have one question for you:
When I import a preset to my AXE FX 2, the stereo cabs come panned %20. Should I hard pan them %100.
Also when you record these, how do you pan the stereo cabs?


The presets in the OP have been updated for Q6.01.

The 20% panning is default when using a stereo cab. This works well when you use different IRs for Left and Right.

Hard panning (100%) is only necessary when you put stereo effects before the Cab block which really need a lot of separation.
In my personal presets I use 100% panning because of this.

Tommy Tempest

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I have the latest model AXE updated to the latest firmware and tried these before, but never got any of them to sound good to me, unless I drastically change the settings. I'm sure it's my guitar or setup. What rig are you using to program these?


Got it so no CLRs to guitar cabinet

Are you talking about running through the rig in your signature?

I assume Yek is going out from the AFX's output 1 to his Atomic CLRs, and he's going out from output 2 (via the FX loop block in each patch, which I assume branches out before any cab blocks) to his Matrix power amp and then into his traditional guitar cabinet. So two different and independent output chains that can be used together if wanted. Output 1 probably has the cab block in the chain, Output 2 probably does not. Also, Yek's rig would no doubt have power amp sims enabled. If you're using the Mesa 2:90, are you running with power amp sims on or off?

With the rig in your signature, I'd think you would have two identical amps in each patch. One amp would have power amp sim on and be routed to a cab block and through to output 1 which would get sent direct to FOH. The other amp would have power amp sims off and be routed to an FX loop with no cab in its chain. That would be routed through output 2 into your Mesa 2:90 and Mesa cab.
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