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Fractal Audio AMP models: Brit JM45 (Marshall JTM 45)

Jan Geerts

I keep coming back to this one for cleans and breakup sounds. Huge and clear. I use it with my FAD cabs (one with Tayden alnico 10's, another with Jensen Blackbird and Tornado). Imo, it blows the tube amps in the room away.


Fractal Fanatic
I changed the tubes to KT88 and EF86, and now I think, it is my favorite clean and lo gain amp.
I have a video, I can upload later


Fractal Fanatic
So, here is a little tone demo of mine with this model

It is a Danish tune, and I apologize in advance for sloppy/shitty playing.

It is three parts
1) Edge of break-up with rotary and delays for some 'clean' chordal work
2) tube screamer in front for some old school rock riffing
3) Lead with Fuzz Face in front and delay, where I experiment with the volume knob to go from completely clean to roar

The sound is coming from the PA system on the right (not extremely loud) and recorded by a Zoom H4n placed to the left.


London John

There's quite a lot that's factually incorrect in the OP's post. There are very few subject I know quite a lot about, but early Marshall's is one subject I'm confident with.

How does one go about editing?


you can't edit someone else's post. contact yek via private message and i'm sure he'll be happy to chat with you about it.
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