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FM9 Turbo Lost Settings/Layouts/Songs/Setlists


New Member
I have a brand new (~3 month old) FM9 Turbo. I was using it at several practices and a gig. At my most recent practice I went to turn it on and the layouts, set lists, songs and settings were all cleared out. I didnt even have the default layouts, I just had dashes on all my footswitches.. All of my presets were still on the device however, so I managed to get through practice by resetting the layouts and reassigning my expression pedals.

- Can anyone explain why this might happen? I'm really worried about running into this issue at a gig. I will note that I use an AXE FX-3 at home, so I hadnt turned on the pedal for a couple of weeks as I only use it for rehearsals and gigs.
- Why would some of the information get wiped out but not the presets?


I have no answer, but i am curious:
A) do you use modifiers and controllers?
B) do you use per-preset overrides?
If so, are those retained? Those would matter the most to me... but it should not ever happen.


New Member
That thread is super helpful and good to know I'm not alone. I take especially good care of the pedal, so I wouldnt have knocked anything loose but maybe the theories around magnets or electrostatic interference could be a thing. It does seem that those that experienced this saw a similar issue where the presets were still intact.

Sounds like the safest route is to keep a laptop on hand in case i need to restore from backup. +1 for the USB restore feature request.
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