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Vendor FM3 Magnetic Glow Labels, GloRiser Pedal and controller mounts and more back in stock at ZenRigs

ZenRigs Man

Fractal Fanatic
Hello folks! A ZenRigs update for you all, as it appears Google has broken my SEO and people can't find my site (seriously). All happened during the switchover to the new site. Lovely.

Anyway, very pleased to report that GloRiser pedal mounts for Dunlop / Mission sized pedals, Fractal EV1 and EV2 and for mounting controllers such as the Fractal MFC-101, Fractal AX8... in fact, ANYTHING, are now back in stock! KickTags Magnetic Glow Labels for all controllers are also now back in stock too, as well as Fractal Axe FX III Presets and Output Knob Labels and various custom glow labels and more.

Also just in is a NEW LED light kit for use with GloRiser mounts. I've been looking to replace the older version I've been selling for a few years with an updated version that offers a bit more flexibility. The new lights I now have are awesome - you get TWO 19" flexible light strips that run off a single controller, allowing you to light up two separate devices at the same time or use it as an extra long light to light up a pedalboard. All from a single controller that even includes a USB adapter cable so you can run it off a USB plug. Very cool!

Available now from www.ZenRigs.com

Cheers! Sukh

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