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FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 1


Fractal Audio Systems
FM3 firmware version 4.00 beta 1 is available for download here:

NOTE: I am adding emphasis that this is a BETA RELEASE which means it may contain bugs. It is recommended that you perform a complete backup of your FM3 using FM3-Edit or Fractal-Bot prior to installing this release.

NOTE #2: Cygnus is a major update. It is recommended that you "soft reset" each channel of the amp block in each of your presets by changing its Type to a different setting and then back (ex: Switch from Brit JM45 to Brit Brown and then back to Brit JM45) . This resets most parameters but doesn't change the basic gain and tone settings. As an alternative, you can "hard reset" an amp channel by using the Reset function (Push Knob A in the Amp Edit menu on the unit itself, or Reset Current Channel in FM3-Edit).

A new version of FM3-Edit is required for this release:

Release Notes:
  • Added: New “Cygnus” amp modeling algorithms. Amp block is aligned with Axe-Fx III 16.01.
  • Added: Cabinet UltraRes support.
  • Added new Drive block modeling and types. This block is now in sync with Axe-Fx III.
  • Added: “Bank Access” parameter to the Bank Inc/Dec footswitch functions. When set to ALL, the settings for Bank Lower Limit and Bank Upper Limit are IGNORED by default. If you wish to enable these limits, you must set “Bank Access” to “LIMITED” for all Bank Inc and Bank Dec switches in your layouts.
  • Aligned Reverb block with Axe-Fx III.
  • Fixed: Power on holding the HOME key will now prevent the startup preset from loading.
  • Fixed: Power on holding the EDIT key will now prevent system parameters from loading.
  • Fixed: OUT2 unity gain.
  • Fixed: Footswitches are now resistant to an issue that was causing freezing.
  • Fixed: Default FC Layouts are now loaded correctly when you use “Reset System Parameters”.
  • Fixed: The PRESETS menu page now correctly displays the active preset.
  • Fixed: Pedal calibration will now work correctly for pedals set as “Tuner on Heel Down.”
  • Fixed: Inserting Pitch block into a high CPU grid will not hang up the GUI.
  • Fixed: Footswitch preset functions will now honor the global “Default Scene” setting.
  • Fixed: Chorus Vintage Tape type Delay Time parameter can now exceed 19.85 without crashing audio.
  • Fixed: Drive Low Cut parameter is now functional.
  • USB has been reworked to reduce issues experienced by some customers.
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