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FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06


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Fingers crossed from the Archon
amp updates and the drive block Or any of the above
maybe firmware Friday

I'm looking forward to the drive block improvements making it over to the FM3 as I'm loving the enhancements on my presets in my III
As I see, you can't change the buffer in the FM3 (you can in the Axe-FX III) so you need to do it in your DAW instead, am I right? If so, tried using the FM3 as the only interface with Logic Pro X. Just reamped with the I/O buffer size at 32 samples, the track came clean without any click or pop that wasn't relatable to gain staging or preset leveling.
Yes, exactly, thank you for taking your time making this test!
Then I have to figure out what's going on since my MacOS version and Logic Pro X version are the same as before and while I didn't get any artifacts with 1.0.5 at 32 samples, I simply cannot use the same buffer size with 1.0.6.

Phil M

I am having an issue with my fm3. When i try to build a preset no sound comes out. When I goto a previous built preset it comes alive again. ANyone have this issue with 1.06? I have cabs in the slots also. Still no sound.

Attach the cabling to connect all blocks?

Are you using the correct input and output in your new preset? Are they accidentally bypassed (gray)?


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Is there any update on new release ? Latest FM3 Edit...can take a long time to read the presets sometimes on 106....


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My axiom that no thread is worth reading after the second page is holding up pretty well judging by page 11 alone...
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