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Firmware Version and Installing Downloaded Patches


Hi Gang,

I have firmware v11 installed on my Ultra. I'd like to install some of these killer patches you guys have made but have two questions:

1. Will the firmware verison of the AxeFX that was used to create the patch matter? For example, Can I copy/install a *.syx file from version 9.0 to my 11.0 box?

2. I noticed the most recent Axe Editor software was good up to firmware version 10.x or something. Can it be used with v11.0?



While searchin. I think I found the answer to question #2 (which appears to be a "yes").

Anyone have thoughts on #1?


Fractal Fanatic
1) kinda. the patches will work, but a patch made witch v10 might need extra tweaking (additional to what you have to do to make it 'right' for your guitar) to sound right in v11.
although with v11 it's mostly disabling blocking EQs and lowering the low/high cut of the amp if they were used to tame the oomph/sizzle...
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