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Eric Clapton Mid Boost Simulation


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The Clapton mid boost gives up to 25db of boost at 500 Hz. Don't remember any more specifics but that's a good place to start. Try using a filter block.


This sharing of info and creative questions responded to by Cliff amaze me beyond words. So cool.
Now, I have a question about using a Clapton Strat with the Axe. How can I set it up so I have a good input level without the boost and still have headroom for the full boost without clipping? Thanks again!


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Try rolling off the middle tone knob ( the one with the detent) to half and kinda play with it from there. A lot will depend on which amp you're using and what you have your amp input level set to. If you're going for that late-80's Journeyman midrange "Bad Love" chomp you'll have to hunt around for it a little bit. Remember that's SLO-100 territory.
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Use the Filter block. Since the max boost is 25 dB set the filter order to 4th which will give you a maximum of 24 dB. Set the type to Peaking. Set freq to 500 Hz. Vary gain and Q to taste.

Thank you for the information! Knowing this is SLO territory and having never played a 'real' SLO100 - but seeming to recall it being an amp difficult to dial in - are there any starting points which would take me in the ballpark of a good Clapton tone? Thank you in advance.
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