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DUB MIX in LOOOPER Not working since 20Beta FW

The Dub mix in the looper is not working since I updated to 20public beta (i know...it's a beta, prob has some bugs)

Is anyone else having this issue? The looper mode doesn't have anything to do with it does it?


It works with default block settings here on a Mark II, 20.00beta1.

Which Axe-FX II model and looper mode? Original FW20 beta or beta1? Are you controlling dub mix via modifier? It may be helpful to describe "not working" in more detail. How are you controlling the looper and how do the results differ from expected or previous use?
Im on FW20Beta 1 on an Axe-Fx MKII. Before the update, the DUB Mix controlled the mix/volume of my DUB(s). Since the update, the DUB mix control does absolutely nothing...no change in my DUB mix whatsoever. Im not controlling it with any modifiers and running the block in stereo undo mode.


Dub mix sets level reduction of already-recorded loop material while stacking/dubbing, similar to a delay feedback control. Works here in any mode including stereo undo.


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There have been absolutely no changes to the looper and it's working as intended here. Dub Mix reduces the previous layer AFTER you add a new layer (press Stack then press it again).
Crap...my bad guys. It has been a while since I used the Looper block annnnnd I should have been trying to control the MIX of the block itself not the DUB MIX...it's all coming back to me now. Everything is working just fine. Sorry for the false alarm and thanks for setting me straight, I need to go back and read the manual again to brush up on my axe-fx knowledge.

-Chris, do you have any vids explaining/showing different applications for using the DUB MIX and Stack?

thanks all


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Chris, do you have any vids explaining/showing different applications for using the DUB MIX and Stack?
It's very simple you don't need a video for that. I use dub mix a lot. Dub mix controls the feedback (fade out time) of the loops when you are in overdub mode (=stack). When not in overdub mode dub mix doesn't do anything. So when using dub mix in overdub mode your looper works like a normal delay pedal with the dub mix being the feedback control. Very useful feature for me. That's it. Have fun!
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