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Diezel FL 4x12 comparison


Hi there,
I've been a fan of Diezel cabs for quite a while and I own a 4x12 front loaded one with v30s and k100s.
I've been shooting my own irs until I had to admit that I do not have the necessary equipment and room to make them sound the way I like.
Hence, over the last couple of years, I bought different cab packs of this cab and all vendors did a great job capturing the sound of it.
Still, one might be surprised how much the sound can differ, from cab to cab, speaker to speaker, vendor to vendor.
Attached you find four graphs of a v30 captured with a single sm57. Three of them are commercial ones, one of them i an ir I shot a couple of years ago. You can see similarities, but also the differences.
Quite amazing, isn't it.
Enough geeking about pencils, time to paint a picture...


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