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  1. Thomas Obester

    SOLD Friedman JJ 100 with deluxe mod

    Friedman JJ 100 Deluxe 3-channel Jerry Cantrell amp in cream white tolex Signed and RARE ! Hi there folks, I am offering this boutique dream amplifier. Limited edition in cream white tolex, personally signed by Jerry Cantrell and Dave Friedman. The amp is in 100% working condition and...
  2. Andy_V

    Great IR for the Dizzy Models

    The new Dizzy cab pack from the valhallier.at guys really stunned me in relation to sound and feeling. Works also amazing with other amp models like the SLO100 (Link below) Did anyone check that out yet and has any opinions to share about it? :D I have to record some stuff soon. But there is...
  3. kdotx

    Diezel FL 4x12 comparison

    Hi there, I've been a fan of Diezel cabs for quite a while and I own a 4x12 front loaded one with v30s and k100s. I've been shooting my own irs until I had to admit that I do not have the necessary equipment and room to make them sound the way I like. Hence, over the last couple of years, I...
  4. Veritas0Aequitas

    Diezel VH4 with FX8 in 4 Cable Method

    Does anyone here have a Diezel VH4 that they've tried with an FX8 in 4 Cable Method (4CM) successfully? Did you have you use Fractal humbuster cables or an Ebtech Hum Eliminator or HumX with it? I used to use a G-System with an Ebtech Hum Eliminator and it reduced most of the hum but not all...
  5. DropTheSun

    AX8: Modern High Gain Monsters

    PRESETS https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ihymsiud223klj/AX8 HG Monsters.zip?dl=0 Hi guys! It's been a while, since I've had time to play my guitar. But now I did and I got my hands dirty with dialing some Monster tones. I've always loved the Bogner Uberschall and Diezel high gain tones, but never...
  6. eduardosimoesneto

    Hi Gain Metal Presets (Mesa Boogie and Diezel)

    I love my AX8. But the Mesa Boogie and Diezel presets that came with it are not my favorites for heavy metal. Where can I find some good metal presets? If they are free even better...
  7. crankyrayhanky

    new band VID: fx8 OD content

    We've been auditioning for 2 1/2 years, so stoked to finally get something! I quad tracked the guitars using mostly EVH Stealth Special & Gibson Gothic LP with Aftermaths> fx8 for OD on a few tracks and tremolo effect> Kruse DMoll> TNL Live Orange v30 57 I really liked using the fx8 for OD...
  8. Marco Fanton

    AX8 -Diezel VH4 preset

  9. Jason Scott

    Diezel Demo

    I've recently been digging into the VH4, which is probably my favorite amp for metal right now. If you're looking for downtuned stuff though, keep looking 'cause this ain't it:

    Top 10 ML Sound Lab IR's!!

    Going through some of my favorite IR's. I highly recommend you check these out as I think they represent some of the greatest IR's out there. :) That Citrus 4x12 IR is a must have! A special thank you to @Pwrmac7600 for the idea on sharing my top IR list. I've mentioned it a few times but...

    ML Tutorial: How to mix IR's with Cab-Lab 3

    @brokenvail asked me for a tutorial with tips and tricks in this thread on how to mix IR's and I thought it was a great idea. Sure it's also one of those topics that has taken me years to perfect to where it is now. This is just a quick way everyone can have some fun experimenting with IR...

    ML Dizzy 4x12 Cab Pack Demonstration Video

    I shot this improvised run-through/chill out with the new Cab Pack 24 - ML Dizzy 4x12 and I thought you'd be interested in hearing how the pack sounds straight out of the box without much effort. :) Let me know how it sounds! :)

    ML Dizzy Preset-Cab Bundles

    To those who aren't familiar with my recent Cab Packs I've started to include Preset-Cab Bundles into the packs. This time since this is a "based on Diezel" Cab Pack these presets mostly include the Dizzy V4 and Herbie amp sims. I was trying to cover different Diezel tones from brutal metal to...

    Quantum 3.0 HBE V2 and Ultimate V30 4x12 Comparison

    After doing several Cab Packs and once again creating a Cab Pack with Vintage 30 speakers (ML Dizzy based on Diezel 4x12 Cab Pack will be out soon and includes both a G12K100 4x12 and a V30 4x12 cabinet) I've been receiving some questions about how it compares to other V30 4x12 cabinets. It's...

    Pop/Rock Diezel Tones

    I'm loving the different flavors available in the Diezel land. I'm not sure if everyone knows what I'm working on but essentially I'm shooting a new ML Dizzy Cab Pack that will include two different "based on Diezel" cabinets. One with G12K100 speakers and the other with V30 speakers. I finished...

    Friedman BE V2 with ML Dizzy K100 sounding fat and full

    There was a request for non-metal clips from the Dizzy K100 so since it's a NGD (Gibson LP Standard) and there are new Friedman amp sims there was no way I was not messing around with these. Unsurprisingly all amp settings are stock and the IR's work like a dream. Here's a pop rock type vibe...

    Dizzy V4 SLVR 3 with ML Dizzy K100 in a mix!

    I've already shot the single mic IR's of the K100 pack and I just had to create a mix test. Damnnnnnnn!! :laughing: This is once again one of those stock setting presets and no post EQ on guitars at all so this is exactly what you get without tweaking. :tonguewink: Do you like it? PS. There...

    ML Dizzy K100 First Official Clip!

    Now we're talking! I just finished shooting the single mic IR's for the upcoming "based on Diezel" Cab Pack. This clip is an SM57 blended with an MD421. For me it's starting to live up to the "based on Diezel" brand. :)

    ML Dizzy Test 1

    Today was my first day with the "Dizzy" cab and it's definitely something unique and different. The MD421 felt like an SM57 and the SM57 felt like an MD421. A whole different world and I love it. :) It's definitely not "just another 4x12 ML cab". It's very unique and both vintage and modern...

    ML Dizzy: The fattest and meanest Cab Pack yet

    A new video demonstrating the complete pack: EDIT EDIT EDIT: Here's a video of me demonstrating the Ace IR's of this upcoming Cab Pack. Enjoy! EDIT EDIT: Here's the first official clip for ML Dizzy: EDIT: Finally I had a chance to start my early stage tests with the "Dizzy" cab...
  21. MAYissues


    Looking for some feedback on a couple Muse patches I've been working on recently. I used to play in a Muse cover band and did everything analog. I wasn't happy with the way the Axe fx sounded a few years ago when I bought it when I tried to translate everything to digital. I love the axe fx...
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