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Deep Purple - "Perfect Strangers"


Fractal Fanatic
I created this patch because some folks that heard the Blue Collar Man preset were interested in adapting to do Perect Strangers. I don't know the tune so I played a couple parts reading the tab I found. The preset has three scenes - 1) is for the organ intro part, 2) is a simple Marshall, and 3) is my attempt at spreading the stereo image with the cello and guitar.

I did hit some some CPU issues along the way because it uses some of the most expensive blocks - Pitch, Synth, Amp, Cab. I yanked out the Reverb block to get some headroom and used the Multitap Delay with a Quad Delay set to 100ms apart and a pretty high diffusion level - I was talking to @Admin M@ one day and he mentioned a technique like this to get some Reverb type sound without the Reverb block - I think this is what he was talking about (if not, please jump in Matt and correct me).

The amp, cab, and rotary are all set the same as the Blue Collar Man preset. One thing I did change was the pitch block. For Blue Collar Man, I had added an upper 5th mixed back a good bit so I needed to use the Quad Shift mode. By dropping the upper 5th (which wasn't right for this anyhow), I could change it to a Dual Shift and save a good bit of CPU.

Some more time could be spent refining the faux violin and balancing it better.

To use the preset you'll need to get the Violin_Mix IR from this post and load it into USER IR slot 5 (or change cabinet channel B to use the appropriate position in the USER IR Bank):

Anyhow, here's a half-assed demo:

Preset attached below.



Great job. Man, as a bassist waiting for his FM3, stuff like this is great. I'm hoping to have mine by end of summer. FM3 & in-ears and I'm set for a lot of the places I jam.
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