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Damn - Snooze You Lose!!

Josh O

So wait list be damned, I want an MFC!! So yesterday I got on the computer real quick and decided to check the stock situation, went to purchase and low behold into my cart it went! Of course I was on the go at the time and couldn't make the purchase. Well, conked out early last night and never made it back to the computer. Just checked a few minutes ago and sold out :cry: Classic case of ya snooze ya lose!!!

Man me want!!


There'll be more.
I skipped wait list and mine shipped today. Got tracking #.


Power User
Same thing happened to me with the first 5 that became available.... sat with it in my cart, drove home from work to "think about it"... got home and they were GONE... said I wouldn't let that happen again, so when they became available THIS time I bit... it's been sitting at UPS since this morning.... no chance to get there and pick it up... work is crazy... so I have to wait till MONDAY !! (pulling hair out... and my current MIDI pedal failed AGAIN at the gig tonight...and another gig tomorrow... :(
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