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  • hi i read what you said about the M audio drivers
    i am running the same thing windows 7 64 bit i tried to uninstall the m audio drivers and restarted but still nothing
    any advise?
    Hello sOc9,i am having same kind of problem with previous firmware...can you help me?(havent find the solution yet from forum recommendation)
    I am presently testing an axe-fx standard which I bought used with version 5.19 (my goal was to test the pre-amps and move to axe-fx ultra).
    I was able to download the axe-edit on my macbook pro 10.5.8 with M-audio midiubs 1 x 1 uno interface.
    I was able to sync the preset to the axe edit.I can see the axe-fx details in axe edit version 5.19 from 2008.
    I was unsuccessfull to make the firmware update and received the following from the axe fx small window=bad checksum.
    When I tried to change the settings in midi window of the axe edit I was not able,when I changed the id sysex from 150 (axe fx is 150)to 324 or 325 the axe edit changes automaticly the routing number (000 01 74 comes up opposed to 000 00 7d).

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