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Recent content by s0c9

  1. s0c9

    Just a quick question about purchasing

    It might be.. but Brit Customs will make you pay the import duty when you bring it in.. MORE if they catch you NOT declaring it.. so you're pretty much stuck with paying "used" pricing. Yes, it sux!
  2. s0c9

    It runs Doom

    It's only because one is bored and needs to do something while repeating the daily grind! ;)
  3. s0c9

    FM3 factory presets volume differences

    Every unit with every preset I've ever tried has been that way.... idk.. why..
  4. s0c9

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    yeap.. happy birthday Cliff!
  5. s0c9

    Is Kiesel worth the wait?

    I had a custom BASS built and it took close to 10 (TEN) MONTHS to arrive! Heck, I've had IEM's take long to arrive than 8 weeks. Had a custom build IEM cable take 3 months... <shrug>
  6. s0c9

    Arrrggghh my wife sucks at tech

    Mine used to call me while I was at work, to ask me where her car keys or phone was! ;)
  7. s0c9

    FM3 Muddy sound through In Ear Monitors

    Can you cut some of the mud with the EQ on your IEM mix bus on the console? If FOH is good, then DO NOT change it on the Axe.. modify what's going to your IEM's! Nice IEM's BTW.. I've owned their Qi's and upgraded to the A8's about 2 yrs ago! LOVE 'EM!
  8. s0c9

    FM3 Muddy sound through In Ear Monitors

    Without knowing your full IEM signal path, it's purely guesswork! Wired/wireless? Which wireless? Stereo/mono? Buds? Impedance? Analog/digital console? IEM mix your own or set up by FOH? Need more input!
  9. s0c9

    Accidentally deleted preset

    You did NOT make a backup (with F-Bot) right?
  10. s0c9

    Closed Simplifying the preset system

    You can do that, or you can do the same in 3 different presets. Your choice... not like there's a shortage of preset storage. What scenes do is provide the flexibility to use different settings with a preset... if you want something totally different, create another preset. It's pretty simple...
  11. s0c9

    Gigs canceled due to COVID-19?

    We had a gig scheduled this Friday.. but it's the BL's anniversary and he'd cancelled it back in Jan - but venue owner still had us listed. They tried to offer us Sat in exchange last week, but we declined - due to COVID19 concerns. It's a small densely packed venue! One of the other bands on...
  12. s0c9

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    it's not done yet. the travel ban announcement didn't help and we still have Friday to get thru before [maybe] some common sense hits the markets! With classes being cancelled, NBA games postponed, March Madness with no crowds, schools closing, spring break extended.... we have a ways to go...
  13. s0c9

    IEM best practices

    Absolutely the way to go.. however, using the AUX outs as additional feed was not something I wanted to get into [above] as "sends on faders" doesn't work with them [directly], and their easiest use case is mapping one of the output busses to them. Can also route MTX busses to them, etc. Great...
  14. s0c9

    IEM best practices

    I prefer the keep it simple approach! So... No, as a freelance [local] FOH guy when I'm not playing I'm not a big user of VCA/DCA groups or sub-mixing drums to ANY bus. WE monitor what we send to FOH.. for most gigs, for drums, that's kick and 2* Overhead mics. One pointed at hat/snare, other at...
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