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Cygnus test - prog metal song reamped



Using DI tracks, I reamped one of my band's song through the Axe-Fx III, with this beta firmware. The amp model I use, USA MKIIC++, has not yet been updated in that firmware, but I can already hear and feel the chug :D

Song : "Priceless innocence", by Feedback, originally released in 1991, and re-recorded for Feedback's second album, "A moment of transition" (2009). This video has only some parts of the song ; for the full version, with Axe-Fx III firmware 15.01, watch this :

The drums sounds could be much better but I lost all the plugins I used in the original recording from 2009 and I didn't bother processing it again
This firmware really let the cat out of the bag in more ways than one! Good stuff, Fremen.
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