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Wish "Created" and "Last Updated" Timestamps on each Preset (AX8Edit)


It would be very handy to see, in AXE8Edit, for each preset (ok, why not for each scene?) a:
- timestamp of creation
- timestamp of last edit

I end up making copies of presets and editing them, and eventually I have 2 or 3 of them with the same name, and I don't know which one I last touched (and thus is likely the best and the one I should continue with). Yes, I could clean up after myself as I go, but that takes commitment and discipline. Having these timestamps would make easy work of cleanup, later.


does your computer Explorer/Finder have the Date Created, Modified, etc. just in your folders?


Fractal Fanatic
I mark every gigging preset with a symbol to associate it with a specific firmware version and a specific date that I made a major update to my template or settings. It functions as a datestamp and as a reference for which presets need to be updated.

I reserve one bank as a “legend” that reminds me which symbol is for which firmware / template update, so that legend bank looks something like this:

“@ = 20170705 9.02”
“# = 20180201 9.04”

and a preset looks like:

“Master DC30 Rig #”


I'm asking for it to be in AX8Edit. You look at a preset, and on the screen (or from a menu) somewhere are the timestamps. Not talking about something on the laptop hard drive using Explorer et al. Is there a place where that is stored, separated out by preset named and such that one could look at? That would be a workaround, even if cumbersome.
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