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Connecting Axe FX to my Roland Quadcapture....Question


Hey guys-

I've been wanting to connect my Axe up to my roland Quadcapture. I've got the Axe FX II. I record vox/mics with the quadcpature, and guitars of course with the axe fx. The idea is that I'm sort of tired of switching out my monitor 1/4' TRS cabes out from the axe into the quadcapture, and the reverse, and choosing the soundcard.

Is it possible to go S/PDIF out of the axe straight into the quadcapture? if so, what cable would I need? My thinking is I'd go S/PDIF out of the Axe into the S/PDIF IN of the quadcapture. is this possible/typical studio protocol?

Would love some feedback! Thanks.



Yes, you would use a S/PDIF coaxil cable. I've used it with the octacapture in the past is works well.


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fyi - I (and others) have had trouble connecting AxeFxII bi-directionally to OctaCapture via S/PDIF. It works one direction or the other, but not both connected as the same time (For AxeFx S/PDIF Input, while S/PDIF output is used, the AxeII can't get the clock heartbeat from the Octa (or the Octa can't sent it - one or the other)). I wanted this config for all-digital re-amping. In the end I did not need it since analogue routing for re-amping worked well as did digital routing for re-amping via AxeFxII USB.


Sprint- can you detail that a bit more? I'm not much of a re-amping pro, but would be interested in potentially doing it in the future. If I were going out of the Axe FX's S/PDIF out

If you make the Axe FX your soundcard, do you re-amp by outputting a dry track on LEFT and the wet track on the right? That way you can record two mono tracks and select what output to use? If so, I guess I can see why the S/PDIF might cause an issue-

Maybe it'd be better to find some sort of stereo AB box to plug in my monitors & headphone into- then I could AB my monitors with the flip of a siwtch rather than having to unplug.

I don't think I'd need bi-directional S/PDIF since I'm planning on just using the Axe as a slave to the QuadCapture, unless it's recommended I do the reverse. The SPDIF seems advantageous to avoid extra ADDA conversion. Maybe you guys can detail your setups/applications a bit more.

Great setup by the way in your sig, Sprint! What are you using the ipad out of the quadcapture for? And how do you go out of the quadcapture into two seperate power amps? Thanks so much for the replies guys! Trying to wrap my brain around all this.
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