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connect momentary switches to axe fx 2 for scene switching.



I cannot afford to buy the MCF101 for some time, thus, i want to connect 2 momentary switches to the back of my Axe FX 2 XL+ to simply switch up and down through the scenes.

This will take care of a lot of things for me. Like simply turning on a delay pedal in the second scene, simple things like that, etc, etc , etc

I know it can be done, but more info and a wiring diagram for the switch would be great thanks.

links to info, etc etc would be fantastic

thanks xx
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It's TRS, as stated in the manual...My bad-this is incorrect.

Rest is OK

-set pedal to momentary in I\O menu-pedal tab, calibrate- set it to control whatever you need by changing control next to item to Ext 1 (example if it's in Ext 1) ( in control tab of I\O menu..............move on

example-I have out 1 volume in control menu set to pedal 1 which in my case is external 1.

This is all documented, but anyway-try this and see how you make out.
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Its not TRS, its a regular guitar (mono) cable used for switching! TRS is only for expression pedals, this im talking about is for simple switching.

manual 3.2 = Any type of external switch can be used, as long as its contacts make and break the connection between tip and
sleeve on a regular 1/4” guitar cable.

All good, should be simple to wire up a switch myself. sweet!
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