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Carnatic guitar



This is a song in open tuning I wrote in the nineties ; I just discovered that its tuning is used in carnatic music, so I had to re-record it ! Rhythm guitar recorded with the piezo pickup of a PRS hollowbody, tuned (from high to low) in E-B-E-B-E-E. Solo improvisations with the Sustainiac pickup of my new Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder, tuned in Eb.
Recorded with firmware 16.02
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Can you say more about the chord forms that you are using over that tuning? That is very interesting.
When I first tuned my guitar like that, back in 1991, I just experimented to see what works. The most used shape is two fingers on the same fret, one string apart, like 5th fret on strings 2 and 4
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