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Bruce Dickinson - Road To Hell (full band cover)


Hi, fellas!

Before the year ends, I want to share here the latest cover I´ve made collaborating with some great musicians. It´s Bruce Dickinson´s Road To Hell, from his solo career.

This song is one of the first ones I recorded 20 years ago, in 1997, when I began recording audio with a PC. I never imagined I could re-record it with such quality and great performances.

All guitar tones are from an Axe FX II with Choptones impulses (bass is Axe FX II with factory cab)

I hope you like it and share it and contact me for audio/video work.

Best regards and happy new year!

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Spectacular rendition! The audio/video work shines once again!
What an outstandingly talented group of professional people you have to work alongside... you guys definitely got the chemistry goin'on. Oh Yea... Rock-On dudes! :cool:


Nachin, muchás gracias!

Johnny, glad you liked it so much, man. I´m very happy that you liked my audio/video work here, but as you said, without that great musicians by my side it wouldn´t have been the same.

The drummer and bassist are from my home town, and we get along pretty well, and Micky and Sieg are a pleasure to work with, so yeah, they´re not only great musicians but great people too.


Really enjoyed this. Your songs are always so well done with the audio and video quality. Great work.
Thanks a lot! Glad you like the audio and video quality I deliver. I spend a lot of time polishing that, so I am very happy that you appreciate that.

Also, having these great musicians in it is great. They are a blessing to work with.

Good lord that was awesome!!
Thank you so much! Glad you think that!
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