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Boss SY-1


Nice. Yea, it hit me the other day that I'd love to (optionally) take along a rotating cadre of outboard pedals. So a "pedalboard in rack unit" seems like an awesome way to do that.
Don’t just want to make a wish post asking for any and all hardware you’d ever want to be replicated inside the Axe ? Lol


Speaking of midi controller switch/loopers, is there any other game in down than the gizmo? I’m using outs 3 and 4 for loops but would really like something with more room to grow and also patch in some stuff before the inputs.

Would be thrilled to find something by Mooer or similar brands for like $89 but perhaps that is just wishful thinking....


Wow! If only it supported midi for the program changes. I already suggested this to one band's lead guitarist that's in my roster and can already see him bending over the whole set while changing sounds... He plays in a garage rock duo.
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