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Bogner Strato and brown poweramp modeling...


Those new models are awesome! Now, since they are preamp models, I wonder what poweramp was model. I suspect it's a 6L6 base PA since the feel is pretty tight but I could ne wrong! Maybe the brown model is pair with an EL34 PA, the brown sound tube of choice. Cliff, can you comment about this?? Thanks again for this wonderfull new feature!!


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I'd be interested to hear the Fish with a VHT 2150 (or similar) power amp. (Pretty sure that was the combo used on early-90s albums by Megadeth, Slayer, etc.) Then again, it might not matter at all...the Brown channel model sounds TITS as it is. ;)

Thanks, Cliff!!!


Where are those power amps? or how to bypass the preamp of any given amp?

I have been begging for the ability to be able to change the power amp section or power tubes in the amps since I have had the Axe. I would gladly accept this ability. Then I could run two amps in series turn the power amp off in amp 1 and turn pre amp off in #2


You can get near. Turn off power amp modeling in Amp 1 by turning off SAG, and use the Tube Pre as Amp 2 with tone controls at default.
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