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Bass sounds with Cygnus . . . lovin' it!


Very cool - thanks for posting this!

The AxeFX III is an outstanding platform for bass. There's plenty of versatility between the rather modest selection of onboard bass amp models and the sizeable collection of factory bass cab IR's. Personally I am happiest using the Ampeg amp models for much of what I play but I love experimenting with guitar amp models and cab IR's. So many great tones and textures to be found there!

It is possible to emulate some bass amps not modeled in the AxeFX. Austinbuddy includes a Galien Kruger 800RB emulation in his 200 bass tones pack (absolutely worth the asking price) that, for me, completely scratches that particular itch.
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Odd thing is as a guitarist the only Tone Match I have done was of the bass amp on Would by Alice in Chains, it sounds bloody phenomenal.



The SVT sim seems to have improved a lot with Cygnus. My SVT I think is still a bit "deeper" sounding some how, and it would be nice if the midrange control matched up to how the real amp works.

The frustrating part of the AFX for bass is just reproducing the sound. It's phenomenal for recording. Headphones are fine. But playing through monitors just doesn't go low enough, so I feel forced to use real cabs mostly. That's not a Fractal problem, of course.
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