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Axe power up trouble


New Member
Tried turning on my Axe Fx II ultra today at rehearsal and this happened. Any ideas?? Still flickered even after turning the power off ... strange!!



Fractal Audio Systems
There's a short somewhere. The power supply is going into protection. Contact support.


New Member
Hey @The_real_crab did you get this sorted out? What was the issue?
Sorry it took so long getting back ... I've been ultra busy. I kept putting off sending it in and in October I was showing a buddy how the lights were flickering ... When I tried it, it magically turned on as per normal??? Not sure why it would miraculously spring back to life; strange

Anyways, I ended up buying a new Axe FX III .... man the thing is pretty awesome. Now I'm stuck with a III and an Ultra+..... I won't sell the Ultra knowing it had/has an issue.

Long way of saying it kinda sorted itself out.
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