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Axe FX Programming, Preset Creation, Setup, Advice, Lessons, Beer & Kebabs

ZenRigs Man

Fractal Fanatic
Hi everyone!

I'm Sukh, owner of ZenRigs (ZenRigs.com) and a Fractal user and advocate since 2010.

I'm based in Ponteland, Northumberland, in the North East of England, just a bottle of dog catcher away from Newcastle city centre

Having gigged Fractal gear over the past 10 years I have a lot of experience of dialling in tones that work for gig use (I play in a Cancer Research charity covers band) and have extensive experience in building Morphing patches, (available through ZenRigs.com), which are great for live use.

I've worked with many touring artists to help them with aspects of their Fractal based rigs, from magnetic labelling solutions and pedal platforms to help with presets. Artists I've worked with (directly and indirectly) include Larry Mitchell (Dude), Steve Vai (Steve Vai!), Dave Weiner (Stave Vai Band), Stef Carpenter (Deftones), Gavin Rossdale (Bush), Dan Spinks (Anthrax) and many more.

I'm available remotely and in-person for:
  • Fractal gear related consultation
  • Advice on setup and rig building
  • Preset tweaking and creation (including making your own morphing patches for your tones), either in person or remotely via skype and telephone
  • Skype beer and kebab chats
  • Guitar lessons. While drinking tea and / or a cold beer. Time of day largely irrelevant.
You can find out more about the Fractal related products I've created and sold for nearly 9 years now, as well as the gig-ready presets I've designed, over at www.ZenRigs.com and you can also find me on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/ZenRigs

Finally, you can email me at sukh@zenrigs.com

Stay well!

Cheers! Sukh

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ZenRigs Man

Fractal Fanatic
Hello! Also, if you really want punishing, I now offer guitar lessons too. Chat to a limey across the pond, over a cup of tea or cold beer. Learn stuff.

I have a little site dedicated to it, which is: www.thejollyrocker.com

Cheers! Sukh


New Member
Hi folks,

I took a Axe III programming lesson with Sukh today. He walked me through his philosophy and strategies for dialing in tones and building presets, and I learned a ton. He's also a really really nice guy. Very highly recommended.
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