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Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 5.00 Beta

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I have to go to the studio today and I just want to stay home and play. I played for a couple hours last night testing all the amp models and it was really fun. I was actually laughing at times when A/B'ing with the real amps because I kept guessing wrong. Some of the models sound better than the real amps, IMO.
dude. make all our fantasies come true and just post some youtube videos!! haha.


I just went from 4.01 to 4.03 to 5 beta in a matter of 30 min and it was a lot of fun and amazing to be able to hear the diff. I had just used a looper pedal to record a few chords, then played through each. Very impressive changes in such a short time.

And fwiw the bassguy and bandcommander presets all are fine and good here.

AJ Vargas

With all this talk describing 5 as "squanch bong" I can totally picture this at some Axe Fest type setting:

-Dude, you NEED to try this Beta 5 Squanch Bong
-Mmmm, are you sure? Let's see...

*Crowd chanting*


I didn't post because they are untouched factory presets:
Factory Preset Bassguy
Factory preset Deluxe Tweed
Factory preset 5FB tweed to name 3.
The bass in Fender amps is big and bold, and starts to clip at higher Volume settings. It's not a high Bass setting that causes it, it's the loudness of the input signal and the Volume setting.

What pickups are you using? Are you boosting the signal somewhere before the amp?

If the input signal is too high, use Input Trim to simulate the low input on a Fender.

- 59 Bassguy is a rock'n'roll amp. The factory preset is easy to overdrive, especially on the pickup and a high input signal.
- The 5F8 Tweed factory preset has its Drive cranked, which makes it a rock'n'roll amp too.
- The Deluxe Tweed has always been a distorted mess, that's its charm.


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I have a feeling that those that are experiencing issues with the Fenders and the booming bass have turned down the MV on these non MV Amps & somehow this FW reset that back to 10.
If you’re absolutely positive that’s not it, I’d try to reinstall the FW.. bad installs have been known to happen from time to time.


Same results.
The Deluxe Tweed was just installed from the zip file link you just sent me.
The PRESET 1 CLEAN is my preset for super crisp clean sound. No change and it is now way too much bass.
I discovered that pretty much any preset that has an amp master volume that defaults to 10 has too much bass and is very loose sounding, border line blown speaker. So I was wondering if before this setting was ignored in all amps that normally don't have a master volume. And now it is not being ignored, possibly causing this anomaly.
Tried both.

The Deluxe Tweed has Drive at 7. This makes it sound ready to blow up, which is normal.

The CLEAN preset sounds pretty clean here, with my Tele.

Check your guitar and input signal. What's Input Level set to? Can't hurt to reset your systeem settings.


I checked those Fender Amps with a guitar equipped with humbuckers and they sound fantastic. Just what I would expect. It would be awesome with single coils. :sunglasses:


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Deluxe Tweed and ‘59 Bassman sound great here. Didn’t get much time last night due to family but today is a new day! ;)

IIRC, all non-MV amps default MV to 10.


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PRS HFS and vintage pickups. I never boost any signals, input default, and all other default. I set the level in the amp to what's needed. No clipping on any meters.
I grabbed the other FXIII that was not firmware updated since 3. I played, using my same guitar (Paul Reed Smith Custom 22), the CLEAN PRESET 1. It was perfect sounding. I updated to 4.x official. The same preset has too much bass even on the single coil setting on the bridge pickup, and is a total boomy disaster on the neck HB pickup setting. I either have to turn down master volume to 5 and increase the level accordingly, or set bass to 0 to 1.
It is definitely tied to the master volume. Maybe something is reading it differently or it was ignored before.
As I mentioned, since the AXE III is being updated quickly, and I like to stay updated, I don't adjust any factory amp settings, except gain and level. That way any updates that affect the amps will be incorporated, and I don't have to remember settings like master volume, presence, etc. ---- Thanks
Why don't you start another thread. You're the only one having problems and I've gone through all the amps and they sound great.


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I had to eq a bunch of bass freqs out when going from 3.xx to 4.xx. The result was better sounding once the preset was redialed. My point is if you are getting a bassy mess using a 3.xx dialed preset this is not necessarily a bug or problem.
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