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Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.00 Firmware Release


Power User
A nice even number. If we never get another update I'll still be happy. Thanks Cliff for everything. I wear my Fractal T-shirt proudly.


Fractal Fanatic
And Mk I/II still hanging in there.. god daaanggg!!... What happened with post operation rest up? I suspect Cliff had a Robocop operation ;) :D
And this coming out during FAS most hectic product launch ever... Impressive, most impressive



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I have a HUGE show this weekend, not going to update til after... would love for someone to charge how it’s sounding.

What I’m hoping for is the midrange and top end of the new modeling are in this!


No sound when selected, or if I keep switching back to it, it overloads the input and has way too much noise. Other times it’s barely audible if I am reselecting it. Certainly does not sound like it is working properly.

I am on a Mark I


Fractal Fanatic


Fractal Fanatic
Definitely something borked about the Friedman 2018. Something is completely overdriving the signal and the result is a woofy mess.

Only messed with some of my Triptik presets so far and as always they sound phenomenal. Next up my Mesa patches...
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