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Axe FX 2 and Logic Pro X


Hey guys, apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

So i use my Axe with Logic Pro X, i was wondering if any other users of both out there could help me with something.

I'll save my song, then when i re open it, it will go through all these files that are missing. ( even files that have been deleted and are no longer even in the song i saved.)

All i want Logic to do is save what i have saved and forget about any files that i have previously deleted.

I also want Logic to save the separate midi files all in the one save. ( so it does not have to locate them from somewhere else, making the process more efficient )

It seems like this should all be done automatically.... i changed some settings in the "assets" section of preferences and thought it would save all the files into the one save slot.... but like i said when i open it, Logic will say it can't find files that i have deleted and are no longer even in the song.

I would really appreciate some help on this.

P.S I'm not a member on any Apple forums so i posted it here.

I trust you guys more anyway. ;)


I'm not familiar with Logic Pro X, but there are packages out there that maintain "project files", which are simply lists of the various files and their locations involved with a project. Kinda like a "build file", if you're familiar with C or Assembly. If you delete those files using the operating system, the project file doesn't know it and still has the list, so the main program that uses it continues to look for them and bitches when it can't find them. The only way around that is to edit the project file (if possible), or use whatever utility the main program provides for file maintenance. It may be more time-consuming, but you may have to follow the design paradigm of the main software package in order to prevent headaches.

But, I'm just guessing.


in Logic X do Save As and than you can choose to save as Paket or Folder
see Screen ...

Than only Delete files in Logic and not in Finder...


Are you saving your files to an external hard drive? Logic by default saves as a package now. Its sort of like a zip file of all of your files within (audio, midi info, blah blah blah). Or you can save as a folder, the traditional way. If you were saving as a folder and had audio files routed to an external drive that isnt hooked up....then it would produce the issue you have, other than that...not sure.


Go to your audio bin (the shortcut is the "B" key in Logic Pro 9, so possibly the same key in X), hit edit -> unused files, select all and delete. That'll stop Logic from prompting you to locate these files.

I'd recommend making a copy of your project before you do this the first time to ensure you've got it right.


yes, if you delete project files, you must do it from within logic itself...not from the finder, otherwise logic won't know they have gone and will try to look for them

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I've never had such a problem in Logic. Sounds like an application or disk issue.
Did you upgrade your OS or Logic or are these clean installs?
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