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Are all Bypasses Created Equal?

Alex Kerezy

I created two presets........
preset no one has an in block - a few shunts - and an out block; nothing else, no fx blocks, no amp, no cabs, no runs, no hits, no errors or anything -- see the pic below

Now....behind preset number two .....which has a plethora of fx and a cab block.........well it does but EVERYTHING is BYPASSED --- see below

Everything Bypassed.png

So....it seems to me, that in theory; shouldn't the two presets sound the same???
Shouldn't a preset with just an input and output block sound the same as a preset with an input and output block and everything else is bypassed?

It does not sound the same; and I'm confused as to why that is?



What's the difference in sound?

What is the Bypass Mode of the Pitch block?


You have two blocks in parallel and this doubles the direct out at this point if bypass is set to thru.


You have two blocks in parallel and this doubles the direct out at this point if bypass is set to thru.
This. It’s not the bypass, it’s a parallel row that goes back into itself which increases volume.

Admin M@

Fractal Audio Systems
Also, if you've got certain effects set to MUTE FX IN (Reverb/Delay?, the dry level will still be controlled by the block's LEVEL parameter when that block is bypassed. In your case, you want one of the two parallel effects set to 100% wet with a Bypass Mode of MUTE IN.

Alex Kerezy

Exactly...... yes, I see it now.......where I had the signal path going up to the 1st row and straight through on the 2nd row, and then coming back from the 1st row into the second row - I'm doubling the bypassed signal - assuming the bypass was set to thru, which I think they are


I learn something EVERY TIME from this forum; it's AWESOME!!
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