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Appendix of Controllable Parameters


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UPDATED FOR 7.01: The appendix is now up to date AX8 firmware 7.01. It is now color coded by block (with non-color-coded appendix pages as well). I also added a few Type-specific identifiers, when a parameter is only available to a certain Type, such as the Tape Speed parameter in the Quad Tape Delay type of the Multi-Delay Block.

Appendix of Controllable Parameters

Attached is an appendix of all AX8 parameters that can be controlled by modifiers (such as internal or external controllers - pedals, switches, MIDI CC). I used AX8-Edit as my reference, so if a controllable parameter is missing in AX8-Edit, this appendix is missing it.

The appendix is alpha sorted by block and parameter. The range of possible values and the scale unit is used when provided.

My original question:
Is there an appendix available that lists all parameters (by block) that can be controlled by modifiers?

If not, would anyone find such a list useful?


  • AX8 Controllable Parameters Appendix - FW 7.01 (doc v1.2).pdf
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Just a sidenote. In fact all parameters can be controlled by a modifier, FracPad allows that. But it can cause crashes or undefined behavior... Worth a test in some cases it works nice
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